Thursday, July 22, 2010

May 2010

At the end of the year, the 7th and 8th graders put on a big show - its called the awards show, and they perform many different coreographed individual and group acts - they all have to try out for it. The acts go on inbetween awards given to the students - really a neat set up. Kaela did great.

Here is Kaelas name on the list fo rthe Principals honor role. Very cool!

6th Grade graduation - so exciting!!! They took a huge group picture - it came out really good.

Faiths Teacher Mrs. Regan - she is moving overseas to teach - :(

Talent show - Hannah and Abby cooregraphed a very cool dance - it really was something!

Sarah sang for the talent show - she did well!
And Faith sang - and we all know she can sing!!!

Then there was piano recitals - end of the year - very cool!

Faith helped me at a wig party I photographed and actually bought a wig!!!

Kaela played a gig locally - at the local ice cream shop - Here's Your Scoop - she was a big hit and well recieved.

Faith sang a song with her too - it was cool.

Awards assembly - Faith got an art award!

Hannah recieved a Math and Logic award.

Faith also got an award for appreciation!

Kindergarden Graduation - I tell you May was busy!!!

Got my studio redone - the shelves are fantastic!!

Faith took a CYT class, and the fruition of it was a very cool performance with dance, speaking parts and singing. I was so incredibly impressed with how Faith did.

Sarah had a shoot at Patricia Stevens for birthday pictures. She is super photogenic.

April 2010

Kaela was asked to sing at Club D again - at thier special student night. She did great as always.

So here is Faith in her costume for Suessical - doesnt she look like a who?

So what happens when you leave the camera in the studio with the studio lights on?

The choir did a performance at school and had special solo parts. Hannah did an amazing dance and Faith had a few solos too. Really good job by my girls!!

More pictures of Kaela at Club D. She rocks the house!!!!

What's Kaelas other true passion? Volleyball! She is getting really good at it too!

More awards! Here Hannah got a cooperation award!!! And a first place award for music composition with reflections.

Faith got an award for musican of the quarter and a first place trophyfor drawing for reflections!

Nathaniel got an award for courage!!!!

And Sarah got one for honesty!!!

Sarah turns 6!!!!!! She had a fabulous time at Faulkners Ranch. What a blast!! Here she is with her best friends Brianna and Chelsea.

All the kids came of course! Nathaniel loved the horseback ride!

Sarah and her friend Mackenzie.

Sarah and Faith and Hannah

Alan and Angie's - the most fun place on earth!!! Cookout time! Hannah and Syd. It was her party!!! She is 2!

Hannah relaxing in the sky chair. (She had to yank me out first)

Pretty sweet kitty!

Faith and Nathaniel and thier new friends.

Yeah I dont know how I let the camera get away from me.

Alan and his favorite redhead!!!!

Kaela and Sarah taking a ride with syd in the trailer.

Easter program at church. The kids all did phenomenal!!

So each of the kids got an Easter basket, compliments of course of Grandparents!!